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localhost#3 ... Muhammed G. Cutajar Dr. Muhammed G. Cutajar is a Malaysian architect. He was the former dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the National University of Malaysia. He is one of the founders of Abdullah Al-Mugrif Group. Awards AFA Great Architect Award in 1994. References Category:Malaysian architects Category:National University of Malaysia faculty Category:Living people Category:Year of birth missing (living people)We are working with a builder to build our 3 new homes for a large family with 8 kids (4 bedrooms). We have been designing them for the last 8 months with building to start in 6 months. However our builder has been slow to provide to me any model plans or floor plans for the 3 houses. He has simply sent me some houses with high end wood interior finishes. I have been pushing him to get me some design plans that we can review to help in the building of the houses. He keeps telling me he does not have the plans or that they are not complete enough yet. He has submitted some partial plans but the designs don't look complete at all to me. We have been using the builder with another client to build and finish a house that is similar in size to one of our houses, but they have been working closely with us. We have also been working closely with the builder with our other two houses. We hired an architect and we have used them for all three houses and they have designed all 3 to our specifications. We have moved to a more upscale neighborhood so we need to design our homes accordingly and that is why we are struggling with the builder. So I have come to the conclusion that we need to go back to our architect and have them provide some design plans for the 3 houses that they have designed so that we can review and approve them before they are used as a design template for the builder. That way we can see if there are any inconsistencies in the plans and we can also see if there is anything that needs to be changed that the builder has not thought of. With the third house that is nearing completion, we are having to continually bring in extra work crews to make up for the shortage of labor, but they keep coming. We have had a few men who have worked for us in the past and we have lost confidence in




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